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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Today, my mind and heart, like last year have been thinking about a lady that I don't know, yet, who I owe so much to. Her name is P.

Most days, I think about her. Some days, I even cry when I think and pray for her. I wonder if she thinks about us, I wonder if she thinks about my son, I wonder if she cries, I wonder if she smiles, I wonder if she cares, I wonder what she is thinking at that very same moment as me. I wonder if I will ever meet her. Some days, I just look at her picture and study her face, trying to understand her more.

While I may never know what she feels or thinks, I want her to know what I think and feel, especially this second Mother's Day for me with two sweet kids. P is loved by me. She is loved by my kids. She is loved by my husband. She is valued. She is beautiful to me. She demonstrated a love I can not fathom. She is a mom. 

To my son's birthmom P, on this Mother's Day, thank you. 

Love from one mama to another.