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Monday, January 3, 2011

I finally did it~

What's life like for me today, another year under my belt from living through PPD?

Well, at the moment, my daughter is watching Dora the Explorer while eating lunch, I actually ironed my husbands work clothes today (like the first time in MONTHS), the house is messy, I am in my lounge pants and t-shirt, the Christmas decorations are still up and really should be taken down SOON. But in the midts of all that, I am also happy, not too anxious, happy to see the sun, writing here what I am thinking and not embarassed as to who might read this and most importantly, the one thing that I am thinking about over and over today is the following:

Last night for the first time in over 3 1/2 years, I actually wrote the following without realizing it - "The road to recovery from PPD WAS long." I have never written PPD in the past tense before and I realized I did it without even realizing it in our adoption letters. You have no idea how much I have longed for the day when my thinking would start to shift from present to past.

It's a small step - but it shows me that I am better and am getting better every day.

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