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Friday, June 24, 2011

Views on family size

I just read an article today regarding children, and how God views our desire for them, how birth control plays into that decision and a persons view on family size. I know it was my choice to read the article, but I was not prepared for what I read. It was so hurtful for me to read. I know there are different views out there, and I know that even in the Christian realm, there are many views. Today, I realized how narrow some of those views can be and it broke my heart. It just made me realize so very clearly today, that I can not judge another strictly on what I see on the outside.

There are no words right now but hurt and anger. When you don't know what someone else is dealing with, you can't even begin to judge them for the family planning choices they make. Having none, or one or two children does not define your view on children as a blessing. I would love a large family but I know that is not on the table for us - for alot of reasons, even without a past of PPD.

Coming from someone who has one little girl and trying to adopt a baby - today I am more than grateful for my one little girl and the life and heart that God has allowed me to mold. May I always, even today, teach her of God's love and compassion and not rules and expectations.

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