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Monday, July 25, 2011

Only one word: happy

I posted this yesterday at the PPD chat group on Facebook and wanted to put it here too so i don't forget......

Ladies, for those of you that wonder if you will ever get better or wonder if life will be ok again, I want to assure you that it will.I never thoguht it would. My daughter is 4yrs old and we just came home from our FIRST family vacation ever .......for 4 days.

Rick, Ella and I went away (30min. from our house) and had precious time together. This was the first time in 4 years that I knew that I could do this and not be overwhelmed. Part of me was sad to see my daughter having so much fun and never having been on a vacation before, but I had to take that thought and throw it away. Yes, it was hard for me, and yes there were moments where the panic tried to creep in, but I did not let it win.

To see the joy on Ella's face going swimming in a pool for the first time, making sand castles, etc.... made me realize that she was enjoying the moments and that I need to do the same. I sat back with a smile tonight when I went through the pics to post on FB and see me happy and playing with her and daddy. I realized that I am better.

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Mighty M said...

JOY! Love it - and here's to many more vacations in the future!! :)