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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gratefulness - is it real?

Yael Saar from PPD to Joy just dedicated her blog post today to me. I had mentioned on the PPD Chat group on facebook today that I was really struggling with waiting for a baby. That I truly thought by this Thanksgiving I would have my adopted baby. I have tried today to be grateful for what the Lord has given me - my dear sweet daugther and wonderful husband. I could not ask for more. Yael writes that sometimes in the depths or aftermath of PPD, it is hard to find that gratefullness genuinly. Sometimes I feel like I am forcing to find something to be grateful about or pretend because I am suppose to. Yes, I know that for me, the Lord wants me to be grateful in everything - but some days, it's just plain difficult. I tend to be very hard on myself in those moments. Thanks you Yael for you kind words and assurance. Link to the blog post.

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