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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Party Time!

Sometimes in the middle of living life, getting from one day to another in the midst of PPD, or the affects that PPD have on your life, you forget to remember the good things, the amazing things, the things that you can't believe actually happened.

I am posting this to remind myself of what an amazing job I have done. This post is for me.

After almost 4 years to the date, I am antidepressant free! I started the weaning of my last AD in November, and cut the dose again in February, and now, for the first time since little girl was 10 months old, I am AD free!

I did it! My Doctor was so proud of me yesterday, my pastor gave me a big hug on Sunday when he found out.

I guess I didn't really think much about it - I was just so sick of taking the meds each day that I overlooked an important detail.

I did it and I am OK.

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Heidi said...

Hooray! You are an amazing woman, not so much for getting off your drugs, as for walking through such a difficult time and still loving and trusting God.