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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Almost 1 year

As my sweet son is soon to be 1 year old next month, my mind has been going back to so many wonderful, precious memories from the past 12 months. What a 180 from last year at this time. Summer 2012 was probably, outside of my PPD, the hardest time for me. I was as low as I could be, wondering if the Lord would ever bring me a baby - and here we are 12 months later with a beautiful boy who I am honored and blessed to call mine.

Moments this past year that I treasure still:
  • That calming moment when time stood still as Lucas was placed into my arms at 8pm that wonderful Monday night.
  • Waking up when he was 2 days old, and seeing Rick holding his son skin to skin in bed - both daddy and son had this most amazing stillness to them both.
  • The day his eyes turned from that steely blue I loved to the deep brown that look into me deeply.
  • The day when Lucas truly recognized Ella when she came home from school and Lucas turned to her and smiled and almost laughed.
  • June 14 - the day that Lucas turned 9 months old. He had now heard my voice as long as a pregnancy and something in me knew that I was his mama.
  • May, Mother's day - the first night Lucas fell asleep in my arms in his chair after his night bottle.
  • The way that he always needs to know where I am in a room - his eyes look for me and then he's content.

Lucas has brought the most joy, the most amazing joy to my life. He has been like a healer to my soul, when it was at the deepest pit of pain and lonliness.

My dear son - may you ALWAYS know that you are the greatest love to my life. You and your sister bring a fullness to my life, together, the two of you!

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