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Friday, March 4, 2011

I said "YES"

Five years ago, as the sun was setting, I said YES to Rick!

Our lovely engagement spot on the beach at Semiahmoo is now not so pretty and our log I am sure is gone. The background of the picture below is now an unfinished, empty, condo building that is in forclosure at the moment. We laugh everytime we go to Semiahmoo and see the empty building and we always comment that they ruined a beautiful proposal spot :)

Even so, I will always remember that spot and that day!

And just because the pictures of my ring on the day of the proposal are really blurry, I had to show off what my husband gave me on that day because he is just awesome! (pic taken today)

I love you Rick. Thanks for asking me.


Rick Brannan said...

I love you too, darlin! Thanks for saying YES!

Emily S said...

You have way better engagement pics then me :)