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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Looking back at the path walked.

I read this on a website earlier that I read often. I could not find the original person who wrote it so I am sorry that I can't mention you....but I really liked it and was greatly encouraged by it:

"There will be a point in your lives that you will be able to look back and say I never would have chosen to walk that path, but I am glad I did."

That says it all for someone who has or is going through a difficult, trying time in life. I would say that I am no longer in the depths of PPD/A but some days I still don't understand why. I might not even be able to say that I am glad I walked this path. I still probably can't say without tears that I am grateful for what happened, that I am at peace for the path God has chosen for me. to walk. No, I know I am not there yet. That is not to say that I won't. What I do know is this:

I would not have chosen the path I have had to live the last couple of years (nor would I wish it upon anyone), but I lived through it, I am stronger because of it, and most importantly, I am learning that PPD/A does not need to define who I am today. It still affects me, but I know what to do. I know that I am a stronger, more compassionate woman, and a good mommy.

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Anonymous said...

You're an AWESOME mommy! Emily S