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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love at first sight~

Let me tell you a little story about something that happened to me on this very day 6 years ago.

It all started around 7pm as I walked into Starbucks at Sehome, looking for this guy that I had a picture of, that I was suppose to meet for coffee. I walked in and was shocked - the place was packed - like every table was literally full. Oh, yes, that right, this is where all the college students study at night.

I scan around and then I see this guy, sitting by himself, reading a book with a cup of coffee and I know it is him. He looked up and I recognized him. Of course, he had no idea who I was since he DID NOT have a picture of me! I grab a cup of tea and go and sit down and meet him. Important detail here - this was a blind date. I had gone on previous blind dates with no success, so I was a little skeptical, but the people who set us up I really trusted.

We talked for over 2 hours, and I can only imagine what the girl thought sitting at the table next to up, our elbows almost touching since the tables were that close. She got an ear full I am sure :)

The date when well, and this nice guy walked me to my car, and said, and I quote, " I will definetly call you tomorrow." He called me the next evening and we talked and every evening after that.

Before I forget - I should say that the moment I saw this man at Starbucks, there was no question in my mind that I was going to marry him. I was totally convinced. We were married 16 months later!

Did I mention that the man's name was Rick B.?

I love you Rick! Thanks for being brave to meet on a blind date, and to have loved me since we met. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me! I love you babe.

Here we are 6 years ago!


Mighty M said...

Such a sweet beginning!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I remember you saying he was going to "definitely call you tomorrow" lol Can't believe that was 6 years ago!! Emily S

Rico said...

And I can still close my eyes and see you walk in the door. You lit up the room; and you still light up every room you walk in. I love you darlin'!

Rico said...

I can still close my eyes and see you walking into the room. You lit up that room that night, and you've lit up every room you've been in since. I love you, darlin'!