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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What makes me happy!

In the light of the last few heavy posts, I wanted to remind myself of the things that make me happy, that help me throughout the day and things I wish I did more:

1. Laugh outloud
2. Watch a comedy
3. Read a good book - Presently reading a Francine Rivers book that I can't put down.
4. Eat one of my special cookies that I freeze to last longer!
5. Find a new decoration idea for the house via a design blog - I have too many to list!
6. Get rid of junk - something about throwing things out or making a goodwill pile helps me.
7. Goat yogurt with berries and agave nectar for breakfast
8. Say No to things that I know are too much for me. It is freeing when I put myself first knowing that by doing so, I will feel better and be able to cope longer! (I say this in a non-selfship tone. If you are prone like me to never say no, then you understand.)
9. Give myself grace during the day if things aren't like I wish they were
10. A nap

1 comment:

Mighty M said...

I love your list Amy. I am so with you on many of these (especially #7). Sometimes it helps just to write them down.